Fixed Foam Delivery Devices


Fixed Foam Delivery Devices



Top Pourer Foam Flow



MEX Bund Pourer and Foam Flow


Rimseal Foam Pourer



LNG Fixed Turbex with Expandol Foam




High Back Pressure Foam Generators



Foam Top Pourers

Foam Top Pourer Set Mk 4 and Foam Top Pourer Set Mk 5

Angus Foam Top Pourers are the latest in foam pourer (foam chamber) technology for protecting fixed-roof (cone) and internal floating roof storage tanks. Popular design features include a unique deflector plate that applies foam against the tank shell in a remarkable butterfly-shaped dispersion pattern, and an exclusive vapour seal arrangement that allows maintenance engineers to test foam systems without foam entering the storage tank.

Foam Top Pourer Set Mk 4 Data Sheet           

Foam Top Pourer Set Mk 5 Data Sheet


Mex Bund Pourers

MEX Bund Pourers are designed to apply large quantities of free-flowing medium expansion foam into the bunded or diked areas surrounding flammable liquid or hazardous chemical storage tanks. Their big advantage is they enable fire fighters to remain safely beyond the bund wall.

Mex Bund Pourer Data Sheet

Rimseal Pourers – Floating Roof Tank Protection

Angus Fire Rimseal Pourers are fully-integrated foam generators and pourers that flood rimseal areas with stable and cohesive foam blankets. Their unique design shields the foam from wind and thermal updraught. Foam applied gently onto the inside walls of the tank fills the rimseal area even when the roof is in its lowest position.

Rimseal Pourer Data Sheet            

 Rimseal Foam Equipment Data Sheet


Hex Systems

HEX Systems are high expansion foam systems for specialist applications. The LNG Fixed Turbex System is designed to provide vapour dispersion and control of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) spill fires. The Marine Fixed Turbex System is designed to extinguish and secure even the most difficult ship fires by filling engine rooms and machinery spaces with high expansion foam.

Angus Floatafoam Duo System

The Angus Fire Floatafoam Duo System is a one-shot device that quickly detects and extinguishes small rimseal fires by discharging foam only into the affected area.

High Back Pressure Foam Generators

Angus Fire High Back Pressure Generators (HBPG) produce expanded foam in base (sub-surface) injection systems which are primarily designed for the protection of fixed roof storage tanks containing hydrocarbon fuels.  Models are available in sizes ranging from 225 LPM to 2250 LPM.

High Back Pressure Foam Generators Data Sheet

Fixed Turbex Systems – High Expansion Foam Generators

• FT1-500P/LNG and FT2-500PLNG Cryogenic

FT1-500P/LNG and FT2-500PLNG Data Sheet

• FT1 -500P & FT2-500P Marine & Industrial Applications

Foam / Water Sprinklers

K20, K40

These Angus Foam/Water sprinklers are open, air aspirating discharge heads designed for use as part of an engineered fire protection system. Each sprinkler is designed for mounting in the pendantposition and produces a solid cone discharge (as detailed overleaf), with very similar spray patterns for both foam and water. The fire protection system can therefore be designed in accordance with NFPA11/16, to deliver an initial foam discharge to combat a flammable liquid fire, followed by a period of water discharge to provide additional cooling if required.

K20, K40 Data Sheet