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Angus Fire supplies a wide range of fire hose products for a variety of applications. Fire hoses fall into two distinct types based upon the manufacturing processes. Conventional fire hoses comprise a circular woven, textile jacket lined with synthetic rubber. Covered fire hoses take a circular woven jacket and extrude rubber through the jacket to form both a lining and a cover. Extruded hose offers a more robust and lower maintenance solution to moving fire fighting water. They are ideal for heavy duty applications which might leave a conventional hose quickly damaged or beyond repair. Angus Fire is the world's leading manufacturer of extruded fire hose with such renowned brands as Duraline, Firechief, Coverlite and Hi Vol. For textile hose ask about Super Cobra, Firefighter 750 and Python.


Angus Duraline Hoses

Fire hose is perhaps the most important item of equipment carried on a fire appliance.  It is the fire fighter’s lifeline.  If it fails lives could be in danger.  Therefore its important to use the best.  And doesn’t every fire fighter deserve the best? 

Duraline is the world's leading maintenance-free (no drying required) extruded fire hose. No other hose can match Duraline for specification and performance, which is why over twenty million metres have been supplied to fire services worldwide. The secret lies in the Duraline's unique construction, which makes it highly resistant to kinking, even at low pressures. This plus the benefits of low-pressure loss and the ability to deliver more water over longer distances than its competitors makes Duraline the number one choice of professional fire fighters around the world.

Angus Duraline – A long life, world class, non-percolating, fire hose suited to most applications.


Duraline Data Sheet 


Angus Duraline Gold 25mm – All the benefits of Duraline in a small hose


Angus Duraline Gold Data Sheet


Angus Firechief

Angus Firechief is the result of considerable research and development designed to produce fire hose that offers all the performance advantages of extruded hose with exceptional lightness usually found with textile hose. The lightweight construction gives a tightly formed coil that occupies less space than bulky ordinary hose. Firechief's thick PVC/Nitrile covering is heat resistant and has excellent abrasion resistance and is easy to handle at temperatures ranging from -15oC up to 50oC. The distinctive orange colour gives it clear visibility in dark or smoky conditions

Firechief fire hose is a professional grade extruded hose with superb kink, abrasion and chemical resistance.  A key advantage is that it does not require drying.  Firechief is used extensively in the mining, marine, petrochemical industries and by fire brigades and Defence organizations. 


Angus Firechief Data Sheet

Angus Coverlite

Coverlite is high performance extruded hose designed to meet the requirements of fire brigades and industry at an economical price. Its main feature is its all in one construction of low density rubber with synthetic textile reinforcement locked in. Like Duraline, no drying is required it is ozone resistant, as well as abrasion, oil and chemical resistant. Ideal for those who wish to upgrade from textile hose to extruded hose.

A key advantage is that Coverlite does not require drying.  Coverlite is used extensively in the mining, marine, petrochemical industries and by fire brigades and Defence organizations

 Angus Coverlite Data Sheet



Angus Super Cobra

Super Cobra is an "H" class hose which remains light and flexible when wet or dry due to the use of synthetic yarns. PVA and Polyester yarns do not swell in contact with water and therefore there is no loss of flexibility when the hose is wet. PVA is also one of the most abrasion resistant synthetic yarns making it ideal for use in a fire hose. Super Cobra is designed for use by fire brigades operating under rigorous and demanding conditions.  Typical uses are urban fire fighting, mining, marine and petrochemical sites.

 Angus Super Cobra Data Sheet